It’s been a while since I wrote. Been trying to find out the true meaning of beauty. I think I found my definition and it’s definitely not written in any books whatsoever. Beauty is me. And I am beauty.


Means being extremely yourself, and not having a problem with it. That moment you get comfortable in your own skin,love yourself without any boundaries and not needing to change this for anything in this world. Then you are beautiful.

A whole lot goes on with me trying to fit in these million pairs of shoes, “gotta look good in these jeans ” “how will people think I look in these shoes ” ” should I wear the black blue or white blouse? ” “should I compromise my happiness for the sake of another?? ”

Simple yet difficult questions.

Ever walk down the street and meet someone wearing the craziest yet coolest hairstyle,clothes, shoes etc? Simple answer to all the questions that run through your mind at that time is that They are being BE-YOU-tiful……

I have learnt that what makes me Happy makes me Happy…. There’s no possible justification. I am just genuinely Happy because I am being ME-tiful…



One person very close to me told me that Once you are Happy with what you have, who you have and basically what you don’t have,you become a very beautiful person in people’s eyes. Not to say you’ll be looking for justification from these individuals, it’ll happen naturally.

So, I am wearing a smile and being beautiful this month..and for the rest of this year because Once you are BE-YOU-tiful, you are automatically BEAUTIFUL!!





short and sweet. I am me.

I am Zippy ●


Have you ever?

So, I choose to base this particular article on a song I heard probably throughout my childhood. The words may sound cheesy to most of us right now, a bit too much or probably insanely love crazed. I listened to it the other day and I think it spoke to me. I was much of the listener though. Taking in the words it holds and I managed to pick the few words where I may say I relate. I am a love fanatic and this allows me to go berserk when things seem very sweet, cute and all those shenanigans. The title of the song being ” HAVE YOU EVER ” places quite a number of questions in mind. So I ask, have you ever?

Love oh love…. what is love? For the few who know or have experienced it,it’s this feeling that takes over you. As a person. Trust me..have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry? Like literally shed uncontrollable tears because what you feel within you cannot be expressed in any other way. It’s like extreme sadness but in a happy way. It’s like somebody is grabbing your heart by piercing through your body. I won’t dwell much on the details, but have you ever!?

Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t come out right? Well I know the whole point of talking would be to express oneself right? How would you not find the right words yet you know what you wanna say….. beats me as well. I’ve been trying to find the right words to express this as well. It’s not the words that are lacking it’s just how to express them. Fears are always that what you feel in your heart may not exactly be translatable into words. So I ask, have you ever?  I know I have


Let’s not even start with the sleepless nights,constant tossing and turning. Insomnia you call it only you know what you are lacking and how to find it after which you’ll sleep like a baby or even better.

Your heart’s been stolen away and you’d give anything and I mean anything to make them feel the same. Oh how I would give alot to make someone feel exactly what I’m feeling. Especially the extremes! Total love total sadness total pain. Have you ever?!

What to say about giving your heart to only find that one won’t give their heart to you. All you can do is wait for that day when they’ll care?

Well all these “HAVE YOU EVERS” have no particular correct answer. I don’t think they should. There’s a lot about not finding the answers and living with the hope that probably one day you’ll get all you wanted and you’ll be able to smile and laugh and love.

I ask myself have I ever?  Answer is Yes in every possible way. I couldn’t stop it I wish I could. And at that moment I looked at him and wondered Why me? It’s like falling and not having anyone or anything to prevent me from hitting the hard floor. Yes Yes I understand I should probably be patient and wait to see if he’ll feel the same, reciprocate? I darn well might. With the strength of a real African woman whether it goes north or south, fact remains I am hurting already. Why can’t you see that I’m going through hell right now and all I can do is write??!

If it were not for this, I’d probably be stark raving mad. But I am Zippy and I’m here and am not mad and am not gonna allow myself to go crazy. Well, Maybe only for you 😊

I write this because I am me and it is what I feel..

Free mind me ●

I choose you

It is said that we choose who we hate but never choose who we love. It just happens. It may be in a split of a second,just out of the blues you feel a certain something for a certain someone. Worst thing, you can’t control it. It’s not like mathematics where you can subtract or add or divide or multiply. It’s not that easy. When it comes it comes.

Whether the other loves you or not, doesn’t change anything. Time is supposed to heal you but it never does. You fall in love but don’t fall out of it.

So now I choose you, don’t ask me Why, I don’t know. After explaining how we all fall in love blah blah blah

My heart chose you. If only our hearts could talk then you’d know how I feel. Probably it’d talk to yours and help you mend everything you got going on. Unfortunately I can’t..

I probably am the only one who understands me. Who understands all the W’s bout me. I choose you. Even with all the ghosts that haunt you from your past, recent or not, I still chose you. Wanting to make you happy is something I can’t stop myself from doing.

But I’m taking a step back.  I may have chosen you but now I choose to love you from a distance….. smile from the outside and bleed from the inside. Hold your hand as you do this.

I choose you and would do the same even in the afterlife.

I write this to make me sane for a moment. My words may be all over the place but I still write this.

Wanna press the fast forward button but I haven’t found it yet.

I also don’t wanna find it because probably it’ll be all darkness there.


Okay pen down, I give up trying to look or be sane.

It’s too hard…..


…….and then I saw darkness.

So when we all wake up from sleep we all Hope that our eyes will see nothing but the beauty of what this life holds right??

Well sometimes I think we are not ready for what we are about to see. It took me a long time to talk about this because I believe it took As long to accept it.

When you’re with family all you do is love laugh and make merry not thinking about what probably would happen next and take advantage by telling them How much you love them and appreciate them….

Until you see darkness…smoke from airbags (or whatever it’s called ) a sudden screech you don’t fully understand and you think to yourself, did I say goodbye?? Did I fight for them and cry? Is it really time??

Until you see this darkness that may not necessarily be brought about by a road accident, you don’t realize How precious your loved ones are to you not forgetting your friends…..


….and then I saw darkness..  .

Now I know who I am and who I am meant to be. Another chance at life is nothing to kid about….



So I write this because it says all I am and all I feel…


Zippy with ♥


Pregnancies are definitely not the easiest to deal with no matter the age of the mother….all other factors aside (how the baby was conceived, who the father is and such) babies bring so much joy!!

In light to this a very close pal of mine is pregnant …every time I am around her I feel the urge to touch her baby bump. She’s 7 heading to 8 months pregnant…
Close huh???!!!! To be sincere am like terrified for her. But she seems so calm so I am calm too…
Today she had a scan done and its a baby girl!!!
The joy I have it’s like she’s mine hahaha….no but for real watching her come into this world is gonna be one of the most amazing experiences.
I wanna be here watch her grow up and realise how much her momma loves her….
and all of us ofcourse!! Haha…..
Early welcome to the world baby gal I promise to spoil the prettiness outta you
love Auntie

Hello world!

How you start something is just As important As How you end it….in As much As I believe I was born a writer, this goes deeper that what I know How to write or How I write it….

There’s feelings involved….


Here I invite you to a world where everything else I put aside and all I think is about you and me MY READERS….

I may feel things that I may not be able to express in the outside world but I know I will here, through what I write through How we talk, converse, argue….


Many have come before me and have been good at it…. well here I am As well… words on my little fingers hoping to make a big impact.

We will laugh together, cry together, probably write together As well


And I sincerely look forward to it my loves…


Zippy with ♥